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Love Linhai Sushi
Had an absolutely wonderful meal. If you want tons of out of the box sushi roll options this is your place. The rolls are straight up seafood and less heavy on the rice which is only more encouraging to try more interesting options.
Very Happy
Everything was delicious and the staff were wonderful. The best miso soup I have ever had and the salad dressing is out of this world!
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Hosomaki 6 Pcs Small Rolls
079. Tekka Roll

TEKKA ROLL - 6 PCS Small Rolls ……. $7.50

Fresh Red Tuna

080. Spcy Tekka Roll

SPICY TEKKA - 6 Pcs Small Rolls … $7.75

Fresh Spicy Tuna W/Tempura Crunch

081. Kani Kama Roll

KANI KAMA ROLL - 6 Pcs Small Roll ..… $6.95

Crab Stick

082. Sake Roll 6 Pcs

SAKE ROLL - 6 Pcs Small Rolls

Fresh Salmon

083. Spicy Sake Roll

SPICY SAKE ROLL - 6 Pcs Small Rolls ……. $7.75

Fresh Spicy Salmon W/Tempura Crunch

084. Salmon Avocado Roll
Fresh Salmon Avocado Roll - Pcs Small Rolls …… $7.95
085. Tuna Avocado Roll 6 Pcs
Fresh Tuna Avocado Roll 6 Pcs …….. $8.25
086. Mango Cream Cheese
Mango Cream Cheese Roll 6 Pcs ……. $7.25
087. Avocado Crab Roll
Avocado Crab Roll 6 Pcs …….. $7.25

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